Board & District Goals

The following Clinton Township Board of Education Goals for the 2021/2022 year were approved on 8/23/2021:

  1. Academics – Technology

    The Clinton Township School District will continue to focus upon all children by providing an equitable, individualized, and highly effective school experience through collaboration with administration, the faculty/staff to refine all systems of support for continued relevant professional learning and the utilization of technology to amplify learning, increase support for the faculty/staff, refine the management of the district, and expand communication with all groups.


    2.Equality – Equity

    The Clinton Township School District will provide all students with a societal awareness of equity as it relates to their citizenship and the development of the students’ global citizenship. Professional learning will be offered to the faculty/staff to heighten sensitivity and the modeling of equity as it relates to our school/classroom environment, class discussion, appropriate resource materials, and planned focused activities/projects.


    3. Social and Emotional Learning

    All members of the Clinton Township School District have been affected by the evolving situation of the 2020 to 2021 school year. With a focus upon Social and Emotional Learning and the Responsive Classroom, our District will continually review, refine, and implement resources to provide each child and faculty/staff member with a nurturing and caring environment.